Monday, January 26, 2015


"An Angel touched me on the shoulder, and said,

'Do not be afraid, I am from God, the Spirit God of all. I will be back for you, there are a few I have to take first. I am one of God's Angels and I work for Him. First we walk through flowers, that are so pretty, then through these trees, then we start to fly, up and up and up, feel the breeze? The way, way up higher. We are so high, we can see the whole earth, can can see sunset and sunrise at the same time. Isn't it glorious? We call this place our "Paradise," which you all want. Your spirit body will stay here, with God, your human body put in the earth, and then you will be with Ron. Do you hear how nice and quite it is? Be happy in this paradise. Now I must go, to bring others. By-bye little spirit, God is here and loves you.'

Then the Angel disappeared.

I don't know what brought this on, but it still bothers me and I can't forget it, so I wrote it down. What do you think? 

Love from Mom                        October 15, 2008"


"December, 2012

There is a time in life, you do not believe it now, when life is hard. I am at that time now. you feel left out, cast off, and unwanted. your own family, the only people, who really care. This is a foregone conclusion, I expected it, but do not like it. Everybody ages, (and) if they are lucky, they leave a trace of their life behind. A written legacy, of how life used to be, or a favorite article, connected to you both.

I am an old person, who has left family history, written for the young ones, to compare to their own lives. It should be interesting to read in 50 years' time. A lot of things of when I was young. At 99 years, as of now, there is still a lot of interesting stories could be written.

I have the time, but sometimes my hands object to the exercise. Like today, tired hand and eyes."

Letty with my husband, Art. They had a strong bond initiated over a mutual love of baseball.


"For October 19, 2005

To my Darling Daughter: -

How time does fly by, and I have loved every minute of you. Your spirit, your beauty, your lovely motherhood, your talents you possess, and your delightful choice of your husband, Art. He is a lovely, loveable, creature, bless him. You have been good to me. I can't shop much, and I want you to buy yourself a nice blouse, with the cheque in the card. Have fun, you lovely, lovely girl

Mom xxx     

Happy Birthday!"

Editor's comments: I was living in Kirkland, WA, and she was on Vancouver Island in Canada. Not a long distance, but too far for her to travel at that age, so she wrote the letter for my 60th birthday. The photo is from the same year in July, when we had a reception for  Melinda's wedding in Vancouver. That was the last time my mother was off Vancouver Island.
Back row: Ann (editor), Rachel (granddaughter)
Front row: Michelle (granddaughter), Letty, and Melinda (Granddaughter.)