Monday, January 26, 2015


"An Angel touched me on the shoulder, and said,

'Do not be afraid, I am from God, the Spirit God of all. I will be back for you, there are a few I have to take first. I am one of God's Angels and I work for Him. First we walk through flowers, that are so pretty, then through these trees, then we start to fly, up and up and up, feel the breeze? The way, way up higher. We are so high, we can see the whole earth, can can see sunset and sunrise at the same time. Isn't it glorious? We call this place our "Paradise," which you all want. Your spirit body will stay here, with God, your human body put in the earth, and then you will be with Ron. Do you hear how nice and quite it is? Be happy in this paradise. Now I must go, to bring others. By-bye little spirit, God is here and loves you.'

Then the Angel disappeared.

I don't know what brought this on, but it still bothers me and I can't forget it, so I wrote it down. What do you think? 

Love from Mom                        October 15, 2008"

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  1. Doesn't this one give you hope? When my Mom was dying, she kept asking about the "man in the corner" who none of us could see. She wasn't afraid of him, and didn't call him an angel, but she did know that he was waiting for her. Something to think about.