Monday, January 26, 2015


"December, 2012

There is a time in life, you do not believe it now, when life is hard. I am at that time now. you feel left out, cast off, and unwanted. your own family, the only people, who really care. This is a foregone conclusion, I expected it, but do not like it. Everybody ages, (and) if they are lucky, they leave a trace of their life behind. A written legacy, of how life used to be, or a favorite article, connected to you both.

I am an old person, who has left family history, written for the young ones, to compare to their own lives. It should be interesting to read in 50 years' time. A lot of things of when I was young. At 99 years, as of now, there is still a lot of interesting stories could be written.

I have the time, but sometimes my hands object to the exercise. Like today, tired hand and eyes."

Letty with my husband, Art. They had a strong bond initiated over a mutual love of baseball.

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  1. Ann, I am struck by how wise your Mom was. She speaks a truth that most will never understand much less be able to articulate.