Monday, January 26, 2015


"For October 19, 2005

To my Darling Daughter: -

How time does fly by, and I have loved every minute of you. Your spirit, your beauty, your lovely motherhood, your talents you possess, and your delightful choice of your husband, Art. He is a lovely, loveable, creature, bless him. You have been good to me. I can't shop much, and I want you to buy yourself a nice blouse, with the cheque in the card. Have fun, you lovely, lovely girl

Mom xxx     

Happy Birthday!"

Editor's comments: I was living in Kirkland, WA, and she was on Vancouver Island in Canada. Not a long distance, but too far for her to travel at that age, so she wrote the letter for my 60th birthday. The photo is from the same year in July, when we had a reception for  Melinda's wedding in Vancouver. That was the last time my mother was off Vancouver Island.
Back row: Ann (editor), Rachel (granddaughter)
Front row: Michelle (granddaughter), Letty, and Melinda (Granddaughter.)

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