Sunday, February 8, 2015


Letty with Granddaughter Michelle, 2001

"Families come in every size, color, country, and if they are happy, this is the best type. Happy family, happy children. This is very true, as scientists world-wide, will tell you. So much of this is due to the treatment of the children.

Some people, when planning to marry, openly said, "Oh, we don't want any children." Marriage laws were created so the ones who wanted children, had legal right to go ahead and have them. "If not stay single." If a single woman had a child, and no husband, it was considered a sin. Not anymore, you go ahead and have a child if you want. That spoils the rules of this life called marriage. The main difference is for the Mother: if married - a husband at work, working to support and family well. If not married, not enough money coming in to support a family, and they depend on help from several sources, which leads to poverty. Some people don't care a hang about that, and this is not good. If you get married, pay the fee and live happy.

Never once, do I remember, a time when my parents had an argument of anger in front of us children. It was  a happy home, which we all loved. Happy memories."    Letty, January 2013

Mom's ideas were old-fashioned, many will think. Yet she makes a good point which is actually true, about single mothers living in poverty much more often than married mothers.

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