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May 26, 2012

"As I sit and write on this bright sunny morning, I think of all the world and its people, and how much I've learned these last 98 years. I am just short of 99, that is long enough to be on this earth, I think. if I live to be 100, oh please, God, let me still be of sound mind.

I don't get out much, because I find it is such a pain to take my walker in a care, it is awkward and heavy to handle. The sun shines, the house is cool. I've finished breakfast, and tidied up. So I don't have much else to do, but write, and knit. It is Sunday and Carol, my dear friend, will come and visit for an hour, after church is done. She came and we had a chatty cup of tea, she looks well.

Today I feel sort of lost for a friend, but I know Bob will be here for a meal on Monday, and Tuesday I see my Doctor.

A few "used-to's:"

  1. When a child, we all wore leather shoes, soles wore out, and had to be resoled at a Shoe Maker's. When "running shoes" came in we used them for summer, for everything. Or we went barefoot, all summer.
  2. Pickle making, September and October, a usual chore.
  3. A lady brought Mum a "sheep fleece" and we had to help clean all ticks out of it, before you could make a comforter of it, hard work.
  4. One day, our milk-supply guy invited Charlie, my brother, to visit for a week. He was sick when he came home, and covered in spots. Mom was furious, and the Dr. said, "It is from eating raw meat." Mom was upset, and gave him something to clear his system. Poor Charlie, he never went to a farm again.
  5. Kenny Coulter, a close friend, 6 at that time and an awful brat. Aunt Norma, very close friends, and Uncle Jim, nice people, and Valeda, Kenny's sister. His Mom very bossy, he called "Cowie-Cowie," I was upset and my Mom didn't like him. But he did grow up.
  6. Eating too many cherries, in B.C. Ugh!"

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