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Letty began the series of "my view" writings in 2006, and continued until 2011. They are by turns funny, prosaic, instructional, philosophical, wistful, and narrative.  This series will be published in order.  Comments welcome!
Letty with Setta, our first Old English Sheepdog, 2006


Books come in all sizes and colours. Every nation has its own supply. Books have been the mainspring of my life. From a small child my Dad read to us all, "Billy Whiskers" and "The Wizard of Oz," special verses in the bible, are my early memories of books and the love of reading. Many happy hours were spent in this way.

I learned to read and write very young and have never stopped. A book is a friend, an education, a base for discussions and a beautiful gift. I have gathered many and given many away. There are some I treasure and have read many times, and my family will benefit from these, if they want them. Names are written on the inside cover on some, for special friends and family, all avid readers. So when I go, look inside for your name.

Some books you read once and forget them, others you read and re-read many times. These are the real friend books, you treasure them.

Please read to your children, nothing else is so "eye-opening," it gives them a gift like no other. They can learn so much, and travel the world "on a couch."

Books are like people, they have a beginning and an end, not like trees that can live for hundreds of years. We can make books, yes, but only God can make a tree.

F.L. Evans
April 4, 2006

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