Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Tears are a part of everybody's make-up. We are born with tears and we die with tears. So what is their purpose? Tears are almost completely salt and water. We all know that salty water is a purifier and very necessary to our body and lives. Theoretically, there are different kinds of tears and here are a few:

           Hot tears of Anger
           Cold tears of Fear
           Soft warm tears of Regret
           Gushing tears of Joy
           Violent tears of Passion
           Gentle tears of Sympathy,
           and the Sad, soft tears of Parting.

I have shed tears of all kinds. After 92 years of living, tears are a great healing process. No matter your gender, nor your age, remember, your tears she is a relief to the tension, in your head and in your heart. To cry for, or with, a friend is to tell them you really care and understand.

God gave us this "safety-net." Amen.

Letty Evans
May 2, 2006

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