Saturday, February 14, 2015


Dear Lord

Let me live where no alarm
Wakes me at dawn, with fear and harm.
Please keep me safe at home,
Dear Lord.

Let me see the Milky Way, and blue skies
All through this day, and sunshine bright,
Dear Lord.

Let me see the grass and trees,
Lots of flowers, birds and bees,
That bring pure joy,
Dear Lord.

Let me see the children grow,
To skip and dance, run to and fron
And live their life free of strife,
Dear Lord.

Let me while away my years,
Safely hidden from war's fears,
That lead to so many tears,
And grief, suspended life, for years,
Dear Lord.

This is my prayer.

F. L. Evans
May 8, 2006
(In memory of V.E. Day 1945)

Letty was in London on VE Day. She saw the shattered buildings and spent time in air raid shelters, listening to "buzz bombs" (V2 rockets).

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