Friday, February 20, 2015


What I've Learned Since I Turned Ninety

Letty at her Ninetieth Birthday Party August 2003
Time is not important, but being on time is very important. Lying is easier than telling the truth, but takes a lot longer.

Your full face picture is very different from your profile picture, and nine times out of ten, don't look as if they belong to one person. Your hair grows exactly as any other person's and you can tell by looking at neck hair, if it is straight or truly, naturally curly. Try it.

You don't need new clothes every year, just because you read the trash paper and they say you do. Phooey! I love my old skirts, sweaters, shoes etc. I've even chucked my bras, wear cotton undies, and if they wear out, they make good dusters.

You can read a hot, sexy novel and think, "So what, we did that 75 years ago!" Now, I read history and do lots of writing myself. My trouble is my glasses need a rest and I'm out of stamps.

My money is safe in the bank. Old people need very little, they are past the spending years, so feel safe. Now the young ones, they are the ones who never seem to have enough. Their lives are in full swing, I love to see this, and love to give them a hand, when I choose to, and know this little bit of love, or help, is appreciated. My funds are there for me, to do with as I wish. I'm not wealthy, pay my bills, go out for a meal (usually chicken strips) and try not to worry about anything.

I've lost most of my life-long friends and I mourn them, but still have many new, younger friends, and I love them all. To be with younger people is so nice. You learn a lot and it puts you on your toes, lots of times, just to find a fitting answer to a question. The best time to have discussions is on a full stomach.

When you are 90+ you know for sure if your kids really love and respect you. I know, yes, my whole family do, and you know why? Because they know I love and respect them. It works both ways and I am so very happy. God bless, dears.

This is my last writing (well, maybe not...). Hang onto this for future reference. I learned a lot over the years.

Mom xxx
May 2006

Letty's comments about money raise a flag for me. She was always generous with her money, and in later years, this turned out to be a problem. She always thought she had plenty, despite several people telling her she didn't, and she gave away far more than she could afford.

This writing of hers illustrates that what she thought, and the reality around her, were often two different things.

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