Saturday, February 21, 2015


My vocabulary is small
My body is too
But that won't keep me from
Writing words to you.


I have seen beauty in a dandelion,
And hope some time so will you.
A tiny, little, yellow bloom,
Filled with sunshine and in tune with nature.
'Tis beautiful. It gets the name from "tooth of the lion," from the shape of its
leaves. Did you know that?


I have read many books.
They fill a quiet, empty nook, in life,
With visions of a better place in store,
Or maybe a joyous read, after a storm or struggle.
When time hangs heavy, or is a bore, just read, this boring time will pass.


Too many things pass our way, we don't have time to enjoy, or stay, to look and see their relative good they carry for us. When we see the clouds up there, when storms erupt, or when it's fair, we feel it and pause to say, "Windy today."


Children's laughter is the nicest sound in life, not bells or river falls, or planes or pianos. It tickles us to know there is life and love and happiness, to spare, and for us to share. It lifts the heart, enhances the soul, to make us realize their joy is whole. God bless the laughter of children.

Letty Evans
May 2006

Mom often mentions boredom and loneliness in her writings. She seems to yearn for the sound of youth and laughter to lift her own heart.

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