Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Stormy Weather

Storms are a product of "Mother Nature" and we cannot do a thing to change her mind. Some storms come in very suddenly, show off, and are gone very quickly. These are usually hot summer electrical explosions, very loud. This is "Prairie" weather, until September rolls around, then we got autumn weather, plus Northern Lights displays, so very beautiful, by the time pumpkins are ready.

Winter storms on the prairie are bad, dangerous, and kill people every winter. If you have a warm house you can live well through this time, if your water pipes don't freeze. That is why in the prairies all plumbing pipes are on the inside walls and not the outside. walls. In England, the pipes were on the outside. Winters there were warmer. Here insulation takes care of that.

I live on Vancouver Island, B.C., and have a lovely home. Most storms here are wind and rain storms and believe me, they can be very scary. This fall and winter have been especially bad, making one realise (sic) how defenceless (sic) we are against "Mother Nature." Sometimes she rules with a heavy whip, and later, with her rainbow for her crown, dishes up such beauty we can hardly take it in. I love it here, but don't like the winds. "Prairie chickens," like me, had enough of that in Medicine Hat, Alberta.


-Why do all continents' names start with the letter A? Try and figure that one out for me. The Arctic, Antarctic, Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia.        What about Europe, Mom?
-Why, who by, and when, were all the continents named?
-Why do cows and horses turn their rear to storms?
-Why do most children fear the dark?
-Why do prickly trees and shrubs grow and prosper more and better than non-prickly ones?
-Where do we find the answers to the above?
-Have you ever noticed that a slow, eastward curve divides Canada in half, by water from north to south?
-Asia is the largest continent, with many countries, like Africa and the Americas.
-In antiquity you live on food and dreams. Yes?

I really wonder about some things. I guess I need to do some more knitting.

January, 2007
Letty with her first great-grandchild, Riel, in 2007
Letty had an inquisitive mind, certainly, but she lacked the resources to find the answers that are readily at our fingertips through the internet. It is too bad she did not have the opportunity to obtain more education, as I'm sure she would have put it to great use.

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