Tuesday, February 3, 2015


 Letty with Art and Ann, 2012

Spring, 2012

"My peonies are in full bloom, red, pink, and white, ones and two new ones on the way. I do love flowers, indoors or outside...

I have two "old" things, I want to give to Bob and her (Linda). One is an old pocket watch, of my own grandpa's, and one a medal, of my Father's, he got from King George VI, as a special P.O. (post office) worker, for 51 years. One will go to one, the medal, and the watch to the other.  That will be decided this weekend, when Linda and Art come to visit. Nice souvenirs and the children should have them. I've had them long enough. I have some other things set aside for everyone in the family...

What do you do when you are lonely and 98 years old? Write! I try to keep up my courage, in a bit, but it is hard, and you are much too old, for other activities. This morning is cool and clear, rather a different kind of June is this year. it seems to me, climate is very different this whole year, so far...

I don't go out much anymore, and I resent that, as I was an avid gardener, and outdoor person. It is not a lot of fun, being over 90 years old, as you lose most of life's pleasures... Maybe I'm an old grouch, I don't enjoy being in the 90s, one bit. The biggest joy at this stage, is my family, boys and girls, all ages, who keep in contact and make life a lot better, and friends, bless them all, I love them."

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