Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Late summer, 2011

"Writing little stories about life, seem to be a natural way, to live peacefully, to me.

It takes me way back, to my own days of a very long happy time. I'll write more tomorrow I am too shaky just now.

Here I am again, two days later, the long hot summer has come to an end, and I need a blanket on my bed, at night now. It is cooler at night now. This afternoon Eva is taking me to town to do a little shopping. I don't get out to do such things, now, too old and I have to take my walker. It is a big pain in the neck, to have to shop this way. Most of my groceries are delivered. More later. Carol has her brother here for a week today and i think his name is "Peter," but I'm not sure. She is so happy he is here for a holiday.

Hoorah it is raining today. All the plants will be happy too. This is the first day of rain, since June 15th. It is cooler, too.

Today I plan to write a bit. Linda and I were on the phone today, a lovely treat. Bob had his IV yesterday, so I hope he comes over today. Yes, he came and took me to the bank. He will have supper here too, I hope. Love to all of you from Mom or Gran. xxxx"

The photo is of Letty in hospital in 2013. She was in a lot of pain with a crack in her hip, so she doesn't look her best here. Her mention of Bob's IV is a reference to his Guillain-Barre syndrome and need for gamma globulin transfusions.

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