Saturday, March 7, 2015

My View #11 - SHOES

More than half the population of the world live in a tropical or sub-tropical climate and do not wear shoes. Some peoples don't know what shoes are! To the rest of the races it is a necessity, to wear shoes of some sort. As I am a native of Canada, all need shoes. There is so much variety in footwear, so I am in a hunt to write about it, and see what you think of "my view."

I imagine the word "Schuh" is German, and means "cover for foot" in skin, canvas or so, with a thick sole (from dictionary.)

Shoes come in all sizes and colour, my memory of them are button boots, black and grey, and these were for Sunday. On a weekday, or a play day, we wore brown, leather, T-strap sandals, or went barefoot. That was most comfortable. House slippers were great, mine were red and Mary's blue. I don't know if the boys wore any. To swim we wore rubber slip-ons, which made your feet feel heavy, but there were rocks on the bottom of the river and lake.

Later, "black patent" leather came on the market, and Mom gave me and Mary "Mary Jane" ankle strap shoes. Oh my, we were so happy! Mind you, you only wore these Sundays or special days. We thought they would last forever, but our feet kept growing. It was about this time, me 6 and Mary 8, I looked at adult women's feet and saw the heels on their shoes. I was a slow learner I guess. Anyway, why were heels so different, some high, some low, some thick and some narrow? Big question - ask Mother - "which way would my heels grow?" and "when does this happen?" Oh, innocent childhood, I was a worried 6 year old. My Mom looked at me funny, then laughed and took me into her bedroom and we discussed the problem. Years later, when she reminded me of that, we laughed our heads off. Poor innocent kids, get worried over the darndest things, especially in the dark, at night. I've always been "afraidy-cat" - go ahead an laugh, its true.

Men are bigger than us and have big feet, and depending on what link of work, results in work related type of shoes or boots worn. Fishermen have special chest high waders with boots attached inside. Men in the Forces wear a big variety, lace-up usually, black. Sailors wear a certain type, readily removed if they fall overboard. Grandpas wore soft comfy slippers and babies wore soft knitted booties. So this is the end of my yarn.

Letty Evans
July 2006

My mother would have loved the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto, Canada. I wish I could have taken her there.

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