Saturday, March 7, 2015

MY VIEW #12 - Blind Staggers

When I was a child of 12 - 16, things occurred that I didn't understand until a year or two ago. Mom and Dad had farm friends who came to visit and chat. In those days children were supposed to be "seen and not heard," so we became good listeners. It is only a small item, but it gts stored in the brain and out it comes, years later, about "Blind Staggers."

Quite often, most of the farmer would mention that they had to put a cow down that week. We listened, fascinated, to all the gory details, how the cows acted, trying to walk backwards and falling down, unable to get up. So a cow was taken away on a stone-boat, off from the house, a big hole was dig, the cow shot, put in the hole and buried. No other cows had it.

One farmer thought his cow had found a patch of "loco" weed and eaten it. It was deadly stuff and most farmers cleared the land of it.

This could be happening again, in the argument between the USA and Canada, about Beef - what do you think? It is worth a "good think" say I.

Love from Mom
Sunday, July 23, 2006

This really is my last bulletin.

I had never heard of blind staggers, but it actually exists and is caused by selenium poisoning from certain plants. Selenium toxicity in animals is described by Cornell University experts if you follow the link. The farmers were right about a "loco weed."

This is clearly nothing to do with the occasional tension between USA and Canada over beef, usually about mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encepalopathy, which can be transmitted to humans.

A stone boat is a sledge used for moving heavy objects. They were made of wood or steel, formerly pulled by horses or oxen, now pulled by tractors.

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