Saturday, March 14, 2015


A Wonderer's Look at Life

I wonder why I wonder, is it natural?

I wonder why we don't run out of clouds.

What makes us want to listen to a clock tick?

Why do bubbles always make me laugh?

Why do certain colours please they eye or not?

Who invented the tooth brush or scissors, or many, many things we use each day?

Who told us we were short or tall, and games we played, I wonder who started all those things?  I loved most games but only two I was good at, skipping and playing "jacks."

Why do I wonder where it all started?

I wonder what made men want to sail, and where all the wood for furniture came from.

Why do we go to bed at night instead of day time? Is it due to the sun, I wonder?

I wonder why we eat warm food. Cold food is just as healthy.

How long will I live, I wonder, and when will I die? I wonder if it will finish in a sudden flurry, that would be nice, no fuss.

I wonder if someone will say, "Kid, you needn't wonder now, you are going to join your Ron, and it is Mission Accomplished." Oh my!!

Letty Evans
September 2006

Letty had over eight years still to live when she penned this. She talked often of death, her desire to die, even, and rejoin her husband of 52 years, Ron.

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