Saturday, March 14, 2015


The Glue

Everyone has heard of glue. There are many kinds of glue, white, brown, and grey, it smells yucky and sometimes stinks. It is sticky, no doubt you have had an encounter with it and had a job to let go of it. One thing for sure, like stamps, once it is fastened on an envelope, you let it stay.

There are certain people in our race (human), just like glue, and many, many of them are MOTHERS. All over the world, mothers are the "glue" that holds a family together. Spread thick in some cases and a bit thinner in others. In many cases a thin fragile glue is present, but still there, waiting to be re-stuck. Happy thoughts waiting in the background to be freed. Glue is tenacious stuff and never really gives up. It leaves a mark. I love glue!

(Jan McIntyre inspired me to write the above.) 
Jan McIntyre was the wife of the minister at Letty's church, St. Andrew's Presbyterian in Duncan, BC, Canada.


The sun shines bright upon the wall,
The white outside wall of a house.
A large rose bush, shed of flowers,
Paints a picture of shadows.
It looks like a seascape,
Dark and light serene,
A picture to make hearts flutter,
A picture pure and clean.
Soon it fades and vanishes,
No longer light and shade.
Full sun now hits the wall,
The picture in its grave.

Letty Evans
October 11, 2006

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