Monday, March 16, 2015

MY VIEW #17 - The Pecking Order

To me it seemed to be a "slang" expression, but we are never too old to learn something. Last Thursday, while shopping, I bought a new bird feeder, my old one had fallen apart and I love to watch the birds feed in the Fall. The old feeder used to hang on the fence, this one I hung in one of my cherry trees, where I could watch much easier.

Little juncos and finches and sparrows soon found it, and had a great time. So I stood for half an hour at the window to watch. Soon robins came, and the little birds flew off, giving in to the robins. Then blue jays came, and the robins gave way to the jay, and like the little birds, kept their distance. A few minutes later crows arrived, and the jays gave way to the crows. I was thunderstruck at this, and then two squirrels came and climbed the tree and all the birds sat back, while the greedy, destructive squirrels had their way. they did their best to pull the feeder down. I went out and nearly reached them before they fled. As it was nearly empty I took it down, washed and filled it and will hang it in a different place tomorrow.

So I'm wiser, and now know the "pecking order" in life is for real, even in the bird world. I guess its the same in the human world. The biggest and strongest rule. Quite sad, I think.

Bless the little birds, you are delightful.

Letty Evans
October 11, 2006

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  1. Yes indeed, there are pecking orders. Bless the little birds, be they avian - or human.