Thursday, March 19, 2015

MY VIEW #19 - Dinner at the Clubhouse

Letty lived for nearly twenty years in Holmes Creek Estates, a community for active adults over fifty. She outlived many of the residents and was the oldest resident there. They looked in on her, picked up her mail, and kept an eye on her yard and house.

Yes, we have a Clubhouse, not very big and not very grand, but we do have one and we love it. Last night, we had our monthly get-together, there, an Italian (proper Italian) dinner. My word, it was so good, spaghetti in sauce, meatballs in sauce, luscious green salad, and buttered garlic thick sliced bread. There was coffee and wine, to wash it all down. There was lots of laughter, story-telling, and good-natured leg-pulling and shrieks of joy. What a happy bunch we were!

After dessert was passed around, amid joy and questions on size, one answer was "just enjoy and eat," so we did, amid words of "Gosh! Wow! How rich, how delicious" and we just love it.

We usually have 36-40 at our dinners. We don't always have special kinds of meals.

It is just the spirit in the place, any excuse will act as a cause to gt together, for a dinner or a potluck. We love to talk, eat, have a glass of wine from one of the bottles lined up on the old "Hi-Fi*." what is so nice is the friendship and camaraderie we have. I don't know of anyone here who would not help his/her next door neighbour, and that is something to be very proud and grateful for.

After this tasty meal we felt like we could "lick our plates" - oh yes!

Letty Evans
October 18, 2006

* Hi Fi means "high fidelity" and was the word for old-fashioned record players that up to the 1970s were a standard fixture in most homes. They were in a large wooden console with speakers and room to store the large LP records. 

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