Thursday, March 19, 2015

MY VIEW #20 - Things that Really Upset Me

1. Cruelty in any form.

2. High stocked shelves in grocery stores, which short women cannot reach.

3. "Respect" is a lost word in our world today, both "self-respect" and "respect for others." Occasionally you see it, or feel it, what a wonderful feeling that is, to know "respect" still lives.

4. Children who scream or raise cane because Mom won't give in and buy them something they want.

5. "Made in China" on all we buy now.

6. Not enough nurses in our hospitals.

7. Not enough homes for poor, luckless people.

8. The poor quality of music, pushed to our young people today.

9. People who talk with their hands, in constant motion, as if their mouth is not able, on its own. So distracting. I watch those hands and don't listen to what they say. It's nuts!

I guess this is enough grumbling for one morning.
Have a good day, anybody! Love is the best thing.
I love you all.

Mom xxxx
October 24, 2006

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