Friday, March 20, 2015

MY VIEW #21 - Swimming Holes

Letty about age 5 and her brother Charlie about age 4

The first swimming pool we used was a paddle pool in Central Park, one block away from our house. As you can guess, we spent a lot of time there. It was around 20' x 40' and 1 foot deep at each end and 2 feet deep in the middle, just right for small kids to play. (The photo above was taken there, about 1918.)

On 6th Street there were cement footings for a large hotel (which was never built) that just sat there. This was during the drought-striken 20s and Council decided to turn a part of the cement jungle into a good swimming pool, and they did. It was a large, deep pool, 3 diving boards, lots of tiered seating, and really nice dressing rooms and showers. It cost us 10 cents to swim after 6 pm, but war free all day from 6 am, so we were in the water all summer. We even got my Father in once and my Uncle Fred.

A bit later two other pools were built, one on the "Flats" and one on "River Side." Not bad for a small town in the 1920s. We all learned to swim, Mary and Charlie were the best, I was the best "floater." Lots of fun and everyone should learn to swim. It's a lovely sport, we loved to swim in the river too.

October 2006

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