Friday, March 20, 2015

MY VIEW #22 - Smoke

Smoke is like fine music, light and airy and asks to be noticed.
High and low at times, to match our moods.
you can find most rainbow colours in smoke,
From deepest black to pure white.
Sometimes it brings us sorrow and sometimes delight.

We all learned lessons at school that "hot air rises and cold air rushes in to take its place." (Our brains are marvellous storehouses. I am 93 and still remember that definition.)

When we are little we are taught to respect smoke and to learn it is caused by fire, which can kill.

Years ago in England, in the industrual North, mills and factories turned out many tons of extra smoke, to hide railways, viaducts and bridges from German bombers in the war, and it paid off.

My Father smoked a pipe, blew smoke-rings for us to put our fingers through. Fun!

Besides what we see, smoke smells and contains elements of whatever is burning, usually very bad for our health. It can be used for fun, like a bonfire at Halloween, with hotdogs, marshmallows and lots of laughter. This is fun and we had many happy evenings in our back yard, with the Fosters. Good memories, kids, yes.

October 2006

I didn't know about the extra production of smoke to discourage bombers in WWII, but I do remember bonfires in our back yard once all the vegetables had been harvested. Many marshmallows were roasted and plenty of neighbours gathered round. Mom made hot chocolate, the real thing from cocoa, sugar, and milk. They are good memories. Thanks, Mom.

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