Monday, March 23, 2015

MY VIEW #24 - "Where is my Mommy?"

A child and her doll in London during WWII
During the "Blitz" on London, the East End was particularly in a bad way. Riding through it after hostilities ceased was a shock. I was on my own at the time and I remembered so vividly that picture of a little girl, about 5 years old,and wondered if she survived her ordeal.

That picture of a bombing raid in which a building of four stories, stood, of which the whole front wall had been sliced off. All the floors were open to a view of the world, and on the third floor, all alone, looking out and crying, a little girl of about 5. My heart went out to her, poor child. I'll always remember.

This is my 3rd picture I can't forget. She would be about 65 now, and will have her own stories to tell.

Letty Evans
November 1, 2006
This photo is not the one my mother remembered, but it captures the same sense of devastation, abandonment, and loss that the little girl must have felt. I think of the children in Syria and Nigeria right now, experiencing the same kind of trauma. Why are humans such a destructive, aggressive species?

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