Monday, March 23, 2015

MY VIEW #25 - Man's Inhumanity

AP Photo of cyclists killed by aircraft machine guns, in Belgium
When France was invaded and overrun during the War, a hopeless feeling ran rampant in the world. We were very scared, hoping and praying for help.

As always the newspapers and radio were our only source of information. Sometimes it was one week, or two or three, before you got any news of events (not like today when news is instantaneous) and we held our breath.  All of Europe was in an uproar of fear. One of the horrible pictures in the news showed people, hundreds, trying to escape Paris, running along roads, and aircraft fighters using their machine guns and shooting, so many trying to get away and live. What an awful scene, to see bodies blown to bits. It's a terrible price to pay. I hope I never see such again.

Sorry, love, but I feel a bit better for telling this tale. Be careful, loves. I love you all.

(This is the 4th and last war story I will write.)
October 30, 2006

It occurs to me that most of the generation that was in any of the many war zones for WWII, likely suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, to some extent or another. My mother never told me these stories when I was young, and knowing that soldiers returning from war zones benefit from being able to share their stories, I can see why she says she feels better for sharing this awful experience.

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