Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MY VIEW #26 - Pass It On

 When we are born we have no teeth, and our appearance favours one parent. When we have our "baby teeth" our face changes, and we could look like the other parent. Then when the baby teeth fall out the permanent teeth change the face once more, and we note these changes with surprise.

Then all of a sudden "puberty" comes along, and everything changes. We definitely follow the pattern, of mom or dad. It is so very interesting to see a little of each parent emerging. A very young adult arrives, who, through the years, will carry a little or a lot of one or both parents' looks.

It is an interesting study, to me, and I wonder if other people think of it, as I do? I hope so.

Hallowe'en Night
October 31, 2006

A quick internet search reveals a huge human fascination for how our faces change and how features are passed down genetically from one generation to the other. The photo is from one of the hundreds of web sites on the subject.

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