Thursday, March 26, 2015

MY VIEW #27 - Time

Time is "of the essence," it is said, but I am not so sure, unless they mean it is all alike. I do know TIME directs and rules our lives. All our statistics are recorded as to "hour, day, month, year" on paper, or in our minds, the honourable or terrible truths of where we were at a certain time. Look at your kitchen calendar, it keeps "time" of you. I have kept a few over the years, and sure enough, time is "of the essence," I told you so, say the sooths- ha ha!

It is too bad, life is so driven by time. We should enjoy more. Just to be able to sit and see, just one flower open its petals. In one 24 hour period, just sit by it, or lie beside it, to watch how it happens. Not just walk by and say, "Oh! that will be open tomorrow, it should be beautiful." But "I haven't time, I have to have lunch made by 12:30." Such a waster of beauty and education.

Ok, fire me! I was only watching a flower bloom. Ha ha!

It is time I finished this episode of "My View." Thanks, Carol, for ignoring all the fibs I told, of this being the "last issue."
Letty enjoying time with Setta our first Old English Sheepdog

November 12, 2006
(See, just marking time.)

Mom did not understand the concept, "time is of the essence," which is used in contracts such as real estate and litigation. It means that there is a time limit on the contract, and things that need to be done, such as a home inspection or obtaining a loan, must be done in a timely manner.

However she makes a good point about our time-obsessed society. I don't think I could spend 24 hours non-stop, watching one flower, but taking time to enjoy life is something I'm learning to do in my retirement.

Mom says many times in her writings that the current one is her last. As you'll see, if you stick with this blog, her writings went on until her last few years.

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