Wednesday, April 1, 2015

MY VIEW #30 - St. Andrew's Christmas Dinner 2006

The punch bowl is empty,
The tables are full,
Someone taking photos,
Workers at the grill.
On a rainy night, lots of light,
Visitors happy, waiting for the party to start.

Lots of noise and laughter,
Food smells so good..
Everyone ready, when Carol gives the nod.
Tables numbered, who will lead
To that table of goodies we see?
Our table is #5, it won't be we.

We line up and fill our plates,
Salad, veggies, stuffing, turkey and gravy,
They never had it this good in the navy.
What a feast, with dessert later.

Gordie, ad-libbing as M.C., takes a ribbing,
Which is par for the course, of course, young man,
Leg pulling season, along for this reason,
Fits in fie with this Christmas plan.

After the feast comes singing and laughter,
"The Twelve Days of Christmas"
Nearly caused a disaster, what fun!

The men in their glory are singing "The Story"
Of our dear Lord Jesus, on a wonderful night.

Then we all went home, afer this glad celebration.
Good Night.

Letty Evans
December 2, 2006

Mom was a member of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Duncan, BC, Canada. In her last ten years she rarely attended a worship service, but when she could get a ride, she enjoyed many of the social events.

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