Friday, April 3, 2015

MY VIEW #42 - Birds

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The whole world is blessed with birds of every size, shape and colour, mythical, magical, and material. We couldn't live without them. Here are a few ideas to kick around and think about. When was it that you remember your first bird? I was, maybe, about four and a yellow canary, in our kitchen, sang so loud whenever the water taps were turned on. We had chickens and geese at that time too, and I was afraid of them. They too are birds. Birds go back in history to the very start of life, from huge ones to tiny hummingbirds, from ugly to beautiful. They keep our lawns and gardens pretty well free of bugs, and are great to watch at a feeder or by water. Ducks, with a string of babies swimming behind them, are a delight to our eyes. Eagles, perched like big turkeys in trees, are a special memory to keep. ("Willy," a black squirrel, is at my back door eating nuts. He comes every day. Sorry for this interruption, Willy is an old friend.)

Now back to birds, "My View" for today. Parrots are one of the brightly coloured birds, and also peacocks, and both have coarse, screechy voices. Similar too, though less noisy, are parakeets (budgies.) These all seem to be branches of the same family. Some of my favourite birds are: whooping cranes, owls, robins, swans, bluebirds, juncos, meadowlarks, sparrow, loons, hell-divers, cranes and sapsuckers. There are hundreds more you too could name.

Some other things are classed as "birds," not the winged variety. here are a couple of them: chicks (what boys call pretty young girls) and jail-birds. The only thing these two groups have in common is they all have two legs.

So this is it for today. Was it worth the effort?

Letty Evans
January 2007

I had never thought of when I remember first noticing a bird. I still can't think when that might have been, but I do recall a childhood friend who had a canary that sang endlessly.

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