Friday, April 3, 2015

MY VIEW #44 - Housekeeping

A tidy house is easy to look after, you say "famous last words," not necessarily so. first of all, our house is our main and important possession, be it two rooms or a castle, it is a very important thing. It is a "thing" and how we treat it shows what the owner is as a person. Do you agree, or am I barking up the wrong tree? Our home is our refuge and our retreat. Mine is anyway. Home is, generally, where you get treated the best, and grumble the most, so my Mother told me. I know she was right.

Houses are funny things, they neither ask nor tell what needs doing to make us happy and comfortable. We have to do that by ourselves, so you start young and never give up learning. We keep learning all our lives. Like last spring, at 92 years of age, i learned it is cheaper, after 15 years, to get my roof re-shingled, even if there is no leaking, rather than waiting till it does leak. That is good economy. Fences make good neighbours, and a coat of paint is wonderful. That is outside and mostly man's work, but it is still "house-keeping," and very important, but mostly a yearly or more thing.

Inside it is usual for women to do the "house-keeping." Inside housekeeping is a daily thing, more intense and never ending, a ritual it seems. It is hard sometimes "for the end to justify the mean." Labour-saving devices help now, which weren't invented years ago. Good show, to men. Some things never change, no matter how we try, until some inventor comes along. We have most things automated now, except an "automatic woman." Wives, and especially mothers, have the organization of the future of the world in their hands and hearts. Just think, for one minute, what would happen if these women stopped dead for one week. Holy smoke! Disaster, on top of disaster, no kidding, just think!

So we all need our "house-keeping heroes." Help them, praise them, and never forget them, ever, these housekeepers of the world.

I happen to be one of them.

Letty Evans
January 29, 2007

My mother, who never had a paid job outside the home in her life, is pleading for others to value what she spent her life doing. Even though her belief in division of labour along gender lines may meet with some derision today, her world was truly that way, and I remember growing up in a family where work was either "men's" or "women's" work. 
Don't you love her comment about the automatic woman?

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