Thursday, April 9, 2015

MY VIEW #47 - A World of Pets

Mom and her cat, Dandelion, with me and Bob, 1950s in Bowness
Pets have a special place in the world of humans. They trust us, welcome us, and we do our best to return all this faithful love. pets come in all sizes, shapes colour and species, from caterpillars to horses...

A new neighbour, a Mrs. Florence Evans (yes, the very same name as I have) brought over a tiny black and white kitten for Linda and Bob. So we had our first pet. Linda, age 4 years, said "mummy, can we call it Dandelion?" So that was that and he was a lovely pet, and well petted. Linda had a doll-buggy, dressed the cat up in clothes, and he loved it... I think Dandelion went deaf, he got hit by a car at 9 years old...

Now I live in Duncan, and three years ago Linda got me a dear little tortoise-shell kitten named Zoey, a gorgeous pet whom I really loved. We went to fetch the mail every day together, and she brought me gifts like garden snakes, birds, moths and rodents, and was excellent company. She was very different from all my other cats, for instance she bit my legs nearly every day. My doctor said I should get rid of her. Colleen took her to their farm where she is very busy and happy. Colleen also says she has never had a cat like her before, she follows Colleen and Philip everywhere, on their four acre farm. So I don't worry about her, she has a good home. Be happy, little girl, Zoey, I do miss you.

Oh yes, and at one time we had two turtles for a year, and a horse for three summers.

Letty Evans
February 24, 2007

This entry is heavily edited; the original went on for two full pages. I was quite a bit older than 4 when we got Dandelion; probably 7 or 8, but I remember dressing the poor thing up in doll clothes, which he did not like much at all, despite Mom's claim. The cat tolerated it and then would run away from us when he'd had too much. Zoey was a rescue cat and far too wild for Mom, but I'm glad she found a good home in the end. I too love pets, especially dogs, and my brother is very fond of cats.

Mom also hosted a hamster,a budgie, and several other cats and dogs over the years. She was good to them all.

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