Monday, April 13, 2015

MY VIEW #48 - Curtains

Most windows want curtains. They cry out for them. Curtains are made of any kind of material we have, from fine lacy sheers, to leather or wood. It is amazing to me, where and when they were first used. Maybe to keep the hot sun's rays out, or to keep the cold of winter at bay. Someone was smart enough to do this, so here we are today with the largest choice of fabric in the world, to make curtains of every colour in history. I remember dark green ones at our home, when I was a wee one. We though they were a great place to hide. It was very hot in summer where we lived and heavy dark curtains kept the house cool. The two bedrooms' curtains were wine coloured and had a fringe. We played a lot under them. We had two kittens who loved to climb curtains. My Mom didn't like that but they were fun to watch and we did encourage the kittens.

Image of kitten climbing a curtain from
When we moved, Mom had to make new curtains. They were nicer, light coloured flowered ones, with blinds under them.

When I grew up I sewed. I did a lot of curtain sewing for Moore's Furniture Store, and slip covers for chairs too. It is heavy work. I liked lighter work, dresses, sheer curtains, baby clothes, kilts and men's clothing.

Curtains are used in many places and trades, viz. painting, welding, hospitals, navy ships, schools, opera theatres, to name a few. During World War 2 every window in Great Britain had to have "Blackout" curtains. So you can see, curtains are an important part of our lives. Un-curtained windows are like ghostly faces, without eyes, and look forgotten. I like curtains, as you can see.

Letty Evans
February 2007

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