Tuesday, April 14, 2015

MY VIEW #50 - Dan Cupid

"Dan Cupid" hath a garden,
Where women are the flowers,
And lovers' dreams and lovers' tears,
The sunshine and the showers.
For perfume, grace and beauty, 
The rose doth stand apart.
Please God, that I, before I die,
May wear one on my heart.
Please God, that I, before I die,
May wear one, may wear on, on my heart.

And now the garden's empty,
New blossoms yet to show.
A younger mix, with beauty fixed,
Mid rain and sunshine grow.
For perfume, grace and beauty,
The rose still stands apart.
please god, that I, before I die,
Wear this one on  my heart.

The first verse is anonymous, the second verse is by Letty.

February 18, 2007

(The word "Dan" means "Master, Lord or sir, according to the dictionary. I thought so.)

This song is far from anonymous. It is from an Operetta called Merrie England. Click here to hear it in its entirety. Mom, not surprisingly, forgot quite a few words, but I recall my father singing this song when I was a child.

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