Thursday, April 16, 2015

MY VIEW #51 - Listen to the Music of Life - "Nostalgia"

Cactus berries
Hair cuts
Mud puddles
Blistered heels
Changing diapers
Wet panties
Carrying heavy things
Tears, tears
Breaking bones
Candy canes
Breaking dishes
Being sick
Eating ice-cream
Paint peeling
Being loved
Lost keys
A loving family
Picnic races
Loving my family
Running fast
Watching clouds
Nasty medicine
Hating real windy days
Lying in bed
Friends dying
Snow forts
Family deaths
Tea pots
Clean glasses
Lost and afraid
Music lessons
Money earned
No money
Hot flannel poultices
Missing my Ron
Old age
Penalties for not being careful
Berry picking
Moma crying
Home, the heart of life and family.
Daddy crying

Daddy a nurse
Enough for tonight
Moma a nurse
Blessings galore xxx

All these things make up a life and are full of nostalgia.

March 2, 2007

I'm sure Mom could have written a post about each of these things. I know she's written about some of them, but a few will make no sense to today's readers. For example, "Hot flannel poultices." These consisted of two pieces of flannel, about a foot square. In between was smeared mustard, or Vicks VapoRub. The whole thing was heated and put on the chest of someone suffering from a cold or some other respiratory ailment. They did absolutely no good, medically speaking, but were used for centuries. Mom used them on me a few times.

I wonder what she meant by "penalties for not being careful?" Hmmm....

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