Friday, April 17, 2015

MY VIEW #52 - Beds

"Beds" are up for a topic today, so I'll do a little story on this subject and see what you think. I've slept on nearly every kind of bed, from posh hotel beds to sleeping on the bare floor, to a hammock. There is quite a good range here. From the cradle to the grave, most of us have experienced a lot of beds, good, bad and indifferent. Life has introduced us to some strange things and one is "beds."

I remember when I slept at our Aunt Mary's house, when my Mom had my younger brother, Charlie and I slept in a single cot, one at each end. It was fun and Aunt and Uncle were nice. Later I learned she was my Godmother.

On holiday one summer, at Elkwater Lake, Grace and Very Tyler, Mary my sister, and I, all slept in one bed. Across the bed mice ran about, what a gas! I loved it at the lake, I was 6 or 7 that time. When I cut my head at 9, I had to sleep alone on two big chairs, med into a bed for me, for a week, not fun. I could only sleep on one side that time. I got spoiled a lot that time. When I babysat at Wilsons I slept on a straw mattress in the spare room. Straw is not very warm to sleep on in winter, so I had a hot-water-bottle. I only babysat on a Saturday night at Yeo's or Williams' and Fisk's, and always slept with the children, all these beds were good. At 16 I spent three weeks in hospital and those beds were very firm, a bit uncomfortable. When my beloved Mother died, I was taken care of by several people (family friends) as I was very ill and fragile and weighed about 90 lbs. I survived and all beds I used were very comfortable. I was so very lucky in life.

My Dad bought me a new bed after Mary got married and took hers with her and Ken. One winter in Medicine Hat I stayed with the George's for a few days. They had an out-door bedroom on the front veranda, so Sis and i slept outside every night. We even had a nightcap, sheep's wool comforters and hot water bottles. It sure was cold getting up in the mornings, the warm house felt good, it was a g good test. The cold air really smells strange at night.

In 1943 Ron and I were married and I snuggled up to him for 53 years. When you are young, you snuggle up to Mom and Dad. As little kids we snuggled to each other. Marriage is a big snuggle, and when you are old and alone, pillows or cushions are your "snuggle-bugs."

My family are all wonderful to me, but it is so hard to accept a lonely heart and bed. My home is perfect for me and I love living here, and I hope this silly little story made you laugh. I only hope I don't bore you. Next episode is on "soap," I'll keep it clean!

Love from Mom xxx
March 17, 2007

Grace and Vera were cousins of Mom's. Her sister, Mary, married a British airman and moved to England. I did not realize she took a bed with her all that distance.

For a few years, Mom had a cat named Caspian who kept her good company snuggling with her on the couch or bed.

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