Sunday, April 19, 2015

MY VIEW #55 - Money Over the Years

A history lesson:

1c. piece - one cent, one penny. Old ones much larger than now.
5c. piece - old one solid silver, under 1/2 inch across.
               -now larger, made of nickel
10c. piece - same as always, metal?
25c. piece - old ones silver, and a paper "shinplaster," 1 x 5 inches was 25c
50c. piece - old ones silver, rarely seen now
$1 piece - old ones solid silver, not around now. (Also used to be green paper.)
              - now a brass coin, called a "loonie."
$2          - old, peach coloured paper, unavailable now
              -now a coin, nickel and copper, called a "Toonie"

How things have changed in the long years.

Photo of Canadian money by Reaxion Graphics

March 2007

I recall during my youth, Canadian coins being changed from silver to nickel, and when I was in my thirties, the $1 and $2 bills were replaced by the Loonie and Toonie. The penny was taken out of circulation in Canada about three years ago. Now Canadian bills are made of a polymer substance which supposedly will be more difficult to counterfeit. 

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