Sunday, April 19, 2015

MY VIEW #56 - A Dead Society

The nicest, happiest sound in the world is the chatter, singing and laughter of children, playing outside in the fresh air. Now we don't hear any of that anymore, as everything is so organized, and spontaneous play is eliminated. How terribly sad to see the days ahead, with no child in sight, skipping, or a child playing all. Children are not allowed to play on their own, as we were, and we had such a happy time. We enjoyed outdoors, we never were supervised, never suffered from obesity, ate healthy plain food, had good friendships and slept like a log at night.

TVs started this other trend, but the serious problem is because of the TV and Internet Computers. These two items have been the crux of these problems. Years ago, before TVs became commonplace, it took a week or more to get news of some event, but with TV it took maybe 30 seconds, and most programs were good to watch or hear, but now, oh now, what a different world we have. There is some good computers supply, but, and a big but it is, the damage done and supply of damage to the people under 20 is enormous. I fear for all young people who have an occasion to watch such dreadful stuff. They have been robbed of much fun, trust, honour and respect, and I for one am very sorry to see this loss. God forbid, it could get any worse. I love the younger ones, they are our future.

Photo by The Atlantic
A concerned Mom.

Letty Evans
March 26, 2007

(For nearly everything invented or made there is a down side.)

Mom was not the only one concerned about the amount of time children spend watching television. This article (click here) outlines professionals' concerns. I completely agree with her that for every invented thing, there is a down side, whether you are talking about fire, or smart phones.

The issue of children not having enough unsupervised time is a different one, and I don't agree that TV and the internet are the cause, but again professionals have weighed in, saying life is really not a lot more dangerous than it was years ago (when I was a child, for instance,) yet recently two unsupervised children walking home in an American city, prompted an adult to call the police. Personally, I was permitted to walk up to a mile or so from home, unsupervised, when in elementary school. There was a dangerous river close by, yet I was not unique; all my friends had plenty of freedom to roam and play.

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