Monday, April 20, 2015

MY VIEW #57 - My Window

When I was young, I was busy and fast,
I did everything on the run.
Now that old age has caught up with me,
Life has lost most of its fun.
I just sit at the window, watch life go by.
My window, my "door-way to fun."

It isn't all gloom, disaster and loss,
It is a door-way to a great treasure.
I see the younger, taking up the reins we have lost,
And doing it measure by measure.
I watch them go by, on foot or by car,
They lighten my day, I'm so glad
To have my window, it isn't so bad,
 My window, my "door-way to fun."

So now I'm content, I have this vent,
My life has had a great run.
Life's little troubles don't seem so bad, and
I have my window, my "door-way to fun."

Letty Evans
December 2002

Mom was good at putting a positive spin on things. Sometimes I think she was trying to convince herself. Did she do a good job?

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