Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MY VIEW #58 - Two Poems

Every Day Has Its Charm or Story

The sun came up at 7 a.m. today,
What a great joy, enjoy it all.
When evening comes, reach for the stars
So far away, ask a prayer for you.
In sunlight, look at the tulips, flowers
Entwined with beautiful, creeping periwinkle,
Amid the peonies, azaleas, rhodo and lilies,
Holly, lavender, blending with all the
Flowers, on two pink flowering cherry trees,
In my garden. This is my happy place.

Letty Evans
April 29, 2007

Letty loved gardening. When I was small, she grew mostly vegetables, but at the time she is writing, it is nearly the end of her gardening years which by now are all flowers and mostly perennials. She enjoyed the beauty of nature so much.

Look at This Snail

A snail crawled out, with
A house on his back.
The snail crawled out, with
His house on his back,
And he wandered across my garden,
Looking for food and a drink.
I found him trying to climb the garage door,
Black head and legs and body one inch long.
Never had I seen what
Was hidden in his house, before,
In all my 93 1/2 years, it is still time
To explore. Always a surprise.

Letty Evans
April, 2007

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