Tuesday, April 21, 2015

MY VIEW #59 - What Future?

Four generations. L to R, Daughter Ann Griffin, Granddaughter Melinda Deines, Great Grandson Riel, and Letty
Any person over eighty years old will soon ask this question and not like the probable events life holds for all of us. I think I'm a realist and see things for what they are.

I have lived a long time, many, many, years, and realize that man never learns from his mistakes, after a pause he is in trouble again. Anyone reading this will likely think I am afraid, but they would be wrong. Facing facts, bad facts or bad times, as well as good facts, is a duty in the reality of life. There are always people who need assistance and help, worse than I. So to help others is a way of life for me. If I've had a little, I shared a little, if I had a lot I shared a lot, and have been happy to do so. Life can be very cruel at times, and I am sorry to see it, but that is how life can be. I hope my God will give me courage to face my end, whenever it comes. There are some things I want to say here, whatever future there is, you can only change it a bit at a time, through love, help, prayers, patience, and "wisdom of human nature." We do what we can to help.

There is a new big problem in our world today. Some countries seem able to do well and do, and mind their own business, they don't try to tell others how to live and run their countries. Doing that is the time honoured mark of a "bully." It makes me mad to see or hear of their ilk. Greed is also the mark of a bully. You may ask, "What has this to do with the first part of the story?" Well, we will see. There have always been bullies, but since the invention of TV and now later inventions like computers, cell phones, photo phones etc., the bully ilk have gone full steam ahead. (Mom knew nothing about cyber-bullying, so her comments are rather prescient.) Some very rich people now are in complete and furious control of our lives. Years ago we had a radio, had a time for news stories and nice music and discussions, life was hard but quiet compared to now. It is interesting, but very draining now, to watch TV and computers. you are yelled at sworn at, and insulted by such crude talk, they sell sex all day and night, like it's an ice cream cone. Everyone's imagination is killed, in an instant, and you have to look at the "weather reports" to get a bit of mental peace.

What kind of a world is on the front burner for our new generation of children? I ask you? These children have lost all of that precious time, play time, their childhood. Now they will be baby adults on a cell phone. That really scares me, young teens going around like life has left them, and all hope is lost. What an outlook for future generations, Our life was supposed to be good. God gave it to us, why is it so hard for people to see this and not to show respect as we should?

Of course, now maybe, it could be a better and very different world in all ways, and from an infant on be all that they would even know. May cars would even not exist, only science. I'd be long gone by then.

Have a happy life everybody!

Mom/ Letty
May 3, 2007

Mom's last sentence in this post is very ironic, considering the rant she is on about how bad things are now. Of course, older generation(s) always think the younger generations are turning out badly for whatever reasons. And despite Mom's claim that she was not afraid, she was. She told me several times that she was afraid of computers, afraid of people in high office. Still, she makes some very good points about what passes for entertainment today, and overuse of cell phones!

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