Thursday, April 23, 2015

MY VIEW #60 - Eyebrows

Recently I've been studying "eyebrows," an interesting subject. They are part of our make-up and everybody has the. Lots of women do not like what was issued to them, so they try to change them, by plucking them, shaving them, and painting or drawing new ones, higher up. I don't know why, they have a purpose, to protect the eyes.

Here  is my question. Why does it happen that as a person ages (for most people over 50), half the eyebrow goes white and the other half doesn't? The side of the eyebrow closer to the ear goes white, while the side closer to the nose doesn't. My own eyebrows are like this, and I've noticed, over a long time, most people's are the same. What causes this? Is it blood supply, or what? Think about it, and look around at older folks.

Another silly thought I had!

Love and kisses
May 22, 2007
(Rachel's birthday)

I'm not sure if Mom's observation about the eyebrows of aging people is correct or not, but Wikipedia has an informative entry on them.  And here are some photos of eyebrows at different ages. 

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