Friday, April 24, 2015

MY VIEW #62 - Spring

"Spring"- the very word means "jump for joy." Every living thing gets a boost to go ahead and live life to the full. It is something we can't explain, something we have to live through, experience, and it happens every year. I recommend you enjoy it.

Letty with Bob and Linda at the Calgary Zoo, about 1956
Looking out the kitchen window, new baby birds sitting on my fence, lovely tawny feathered friends, peeping their content, watching others, eating bugs or seeds off three trees, learning all the rules of survival. They are so little, but important to our lives.

In spring humans need to get the oilcan out, for tight joints that have been let lie over harsh winter's time. stretch your limbs, shed some pounds, try (in secret) to fit into your swimming suit, and laugh when you can't oh dear, what a I going to do?

The world of bears awakens in spring, with huger pangs, new babies, the sounds of running water, signifying fish and berries, and time to shake off the time of slumber and find food. Spring is here.

Trees, casting pollen to the winds, all the little "beasties" doing their thing to make spring "Spring." We all have our favourite season, mine is spring, with all the flavour, colour, benefits and distractions.
Mom with her azaleas and rhododendrons, June 2006
I saw a squirrel today.

May 25, 2007

Living in a cold climate, one longs for an end to ice and snow, and the return of life and warmth and green living things. As a child, I was always thrilled to see the first signs of spring: some prairie crocuses unfolding in a nearby field or a few brave caterpillars munching on the dewy young blades of grass. Oddly, looking through all my photos of Mom, few of them were taken in spring.

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