Tuesday, April 28, 2015

MY VIEW #65 - Why We Cry

We cry for many reasons. I think mostly we cry because we have lost something.

Losing Ron was a terrible day for me, also when Mother went, so suddenly, and all my old family, more loss, so you cry to ease a tight throat and a lonely heart. So you cry, yes.

You also cry for joy, when you find a lost child, and help heal a broken heart, a slice of bread when you are hungry. I thank God for the tears I've shed, it is a comfort to know and realize you are a normal person and can shed tears, with a friend, for a friend, or a relative. It is not a weakness but a gratitude of life.

I hope this admission helps some who read it. This, I think, is why we cry.

Letty Evans
June 2007

The first time I recall seeing my mother cry was during a winter when I was about ten years old. My father was enamored of a different religion, and wanted us all to change, but Mom most definitely did not. My brother and I listened to plenty of late-night arguments that invariably ended in tears, hers and ours, and eventually Dad gave up his goal. That decision saved their marriage.

Another reason for tears is anger, although sociologists tell us that men very seldom cry in anger, although women often do. Still, I agree that once we are past crying from physical pain, our tears are mostly about loss.

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