Thursday, April 30, 2015

MY VIEW #66 - Kitchens

Think of the cave man of early history, he built a fire to keep warm, also to warm water to drink, and to cook meat of animals he killed. That was his kitchen. As time went by, improvements followed, like enclosures to break the winds. Walls, roofs and windows followed and kitchens began to take on a very important role. It was the main area for any group of people before and forever, to get together to discuss life and all its problems. We read in history the style, the utensils, the quality of food and the comfort, accepted as normal in years gone by.. The people in many countries thought they had reached the epitome in kitchens. Some had...done very well in quality and comfort, but time moves on and things change. New inventions, work habits, and families, increased the need for more space, so rooms were added, beds brought in, tables and chairs, and more people, always needing more food, cooks and warmth. So rooms were built on every side of the kitchen, the warmth from it warmed every room, folks gathering in the kitchen for a comfort only a kitchen can supply. Sex, birth, finances, jobs, love, and private secrets are shared by two women, or two men, while they wash and dry the dishes in the kitchen. Automatic dishwashers have ruined this special time in the modern home, but the kitchen is still the hub of every home. We still all have to eat.

I hope you enjoyed this, and look at your kitchen with a smile.
Ann in Letty's kitchen, 2006

By Letty; hope I didn't bore you.

June 14, 2007

My mother always proclaimed that she loved washing dishes. This was hard for me to fathom, but I had to accept it. I recall happy times after Christmas dinners and birthday dinners, in Mom's tiny kitchen, with the other women and girls, washing, drying and putting away all the dishes. Now it is considered not good form to do dishes while your company is still here, although many volunteer to help as a matter of politeness.

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