Friday, May 1, 2015

MY VIEW #67 - My New Friends

"How to Win Friends and Influence People" - Who said that?

It is amazing how a phone call can bring new friends into your life, especially when that call is a wrong number. Through this happening I am now corresponding with Murray and Anita C, my new friends. They live in a small farming area called Binsgarth, near Dauphin, Manitoba. Enough background for now.

Near Christmas time 2006, Sears in Duncan phoned me to say a parcel was there, would I pick it up. As the weather was bad I put it off and forgot it. The sender, Anita H, I didn't know but she had my phone number, I thought maybe she is related to me somehow.

In January (23rd) Sears again phoned me, so I got a ride with Colleen, and got the package, still a puzzle to me. In the car I opened this 8 x 10 brown envelope and inside was $25, no card, note or paper, just two $10 bills and a $5 bill. I was stunned and said to Colleen, "this is not meant for me."

Now I was home and very uncomfortable. I didn't sleep that night and in the morning played detective via Telus (phone company). Anita's name and adddress was on the envelope so I asked Telus if there was a phone listing for this name. They found it and gave it to me, and I phoned her. She was as surprised as I when she learned I had her "Christmas gift" she had sent via the Duncan Sears outlet to Father Frank, the priest at St. Edward's Church in Duncan. I told her what had happened, and she said there had been a card and $50 sent for him. It looks like some hanky panky at Sears. Anyway, she took down my phone number and address. Maybe the phone numbers got mixed as mine and Father Frank's are very similar.

Anita got her $25 back from me, she then sent me pictures of her family, and now we are friends. I wonder if we will ever hug and shake hands? She is so young and I am so old. I wonder what God has in store for us. Anita and Murray have three sons, a big farm, and lots of luck. May they have many happy years ahead.

What a story. I am relieved!

Letty Evans
June 11, 2007

Mom was always an honest person, and a lot of credit goes to her for making the effort to find out where the money truly belonged. Many people would not have bothered.

She and my father quite often received phone calls intended for the local Catholic Church, St Edward's, and I believe her assumption of mixed phone numbers is the correct one. As to where the missing money and card went, it will remain an mystery.

The quote at the top of the page is from Andrew Carnegie.

Letty never met the people mentioned in this post.

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