Monday, May 4, 2015

MY VIEW #69 - Speed

What is "speed?" Who judges and who performs? Who knows? Now, we live in a world of speed, why? "Speed," the dictionary says, is "the act of moving rapidly." Certain things and times require speed, others do not. The thing is to know when and why. I've an idea.

In education the time is a slow twelve years, to learn the basics, the beginning years of life, in order to earn a living. (We never stop being educated) Higher education shocks us into a "big speed-up" on all sides, viz. moving, doing, learning and living this period of life. Some don't or can't keep up and drop out, it is too much speed for them. Sad it is.

In a hospital emergency centre, "speed" is very important. Cars, trains, planes, space travel, have all answered to "speed." Who says "speed" is best and safe? Scientists? When accidents happen, people are hurt, the hospital is where they go, to cure the results of "speed."

Now even talking is at "full speed," no matter where you are, the faster the better? Not in my view. What is driving the human race to such furious lengths, they can't relax? It is "speed."

Think like a gardener. He knows "speed" is not important, in his own garden, time and "speed" are all there, but all are regulated. What do you think? I wonder what children born this year will say and see in fifty years from today, July 13th, 2007. I do wonder.

With love to all my family and friends - slow down.


Mom has a point, doesn't she? Scientists who measure these things tell us that simple labour-saving devices, for example, vacuum cleaners, really didn't save work if you're counting the number of hours of work. They merely raised expectations as to the level of cleanliness our floors should have.

As the elderly slow down, they have the luxury of time with which to observe their world. But I remember my mother working very, very hard, constantly, always in a hurry, to the point where her doctor ordered her to quit a couple of her activities. So she didn't always practice in her forties, what she is preaching in her nineties.

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