Thursday, May 7, 2015

MY VIEW #71 - Our Feet

Every person has feet, anchored on a pedestal, our earth. We come into this world "head first" and go out of it "feet first." Did you ever think about this? I never did till now and it makes me think.
Old, flat feet. Photo by WiseGeek.
Most humans in ancient times went barefoot. Later, sandals came in view, people sought to protect their feet but left the toes free. Then some "idiot," many, many years later, decided, why not cover the whole foot, to protect it and hide the ugly feet, so they did, with cloth, paper, leather, beads, and rope. As styles and methods changed, so did our feet - pinched toes, blisters, bunions - caused by poor fitting shoes. Interesting.

Now, in our own lives, going barefoot is a luxury. Many of us have forgotten the feel of it and therefore don't enjoy this luxury. I sure do. Shoes can be a pain in the butt sometimes, first thing I do when home from shopping is kick my shoes off, my toes enjoy this freedom. "Oo la la!" We connect with our pedestal and enjoy.

Floppy slippers are a comfort too, not a lot of restricting action there, but I do love the comfort. Feet need exercise and care and pampering, you only get one pair, so look after them and appreciate that one big toe and four smaller ones who have been there all your long years, to take you wherever you wished to go. Happy landings!

(My toenails need trimming.)

July 16, 2007

There are so many more comfortable options in footwear now than ever before. I prefer something on my feet because I live in the desert, and just five minutes ago, my husband showed me a cluster of thorns he picked off our kitchen floor. My Clark's flip-flops are cushioned; the best flip flops I've ever owned. I wonder if Mom ever spent enough money to get shoes that fit her properly? And she has forgotten the protection our feet need in extreme climates and on rocky, rough ground. 

Still, going barefoot on a nice lawn is undoubtedly a pleasure. 

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