Friday, May 8, 2015

MY VIEW #72 - Skin

Skin, my skin, yes and your skin, is interesting stuff. Did you ever think of it that way No, I think not. It covers our body completely and we don't realize how well this is done. It keeps all our organs safely hidden, and keeps the weather out, except in cold climates. Sad to say, we keep it hidden away with clothes. Only in hot summers do we shed these and appear as "nymphs in paradise."

Children seem to be the only ones who do not seem to be afraid to run around bare. No, I am not advocating a nudist camp (that has its attraction.) Adults have to have good decorum, in speech and dress, and set a good example. But some bodies see little sunshine, a needed vitamin. Some people will go to the grave with white bodies that have never seen much sun at all, coloured people will not, they beat us all hollow for tans, but they need the sunshine too.

Skin can stretch, contract, get sunburned and frozen, and again the repair goes on We perspire on the skin, which cools us, stings and bites can puncture the skin, and again it recovers. To me the skin is an amazing organ, tough, resilient, soft, pretty, everlasting, and necessary. Do I make my point? Look after your skin.
Photo from best of both worlds AZ
Love, and happy sun-bathing all.

July 2007

Mom seems unaware of the contradiction between taking care of your skin, and sun-bathing. When I was growing up, we assumed we would always get a small sunburn and then a tan. I can remember a few very painful sunburns, before there was sunscreen. No more. I see daily, the damage the sun does to my skin, and I put on sunscreen every day now that I live in the desert.

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