Monday, June 15, 2015

Bio #11 -Geese (1930s)

It was the English custom to have goose for Christmas dinner, so we had goose till about 1932. Dad bought two each year and raised them all summer, through fall, till Christmas. One time, in the winter, before these stupid geese got to the table, Mom woke and heard a racket. The geese were out, honking, and headed for the coulee and freedom. So Dad had to go out at 6 a.m. and round up these two birds. They were heavy too, and he got them home and nailed the shed shut. Next day he cut the head off one, and as the following day was Christmas, Mom got it ready to cook. When we heard of it, we roared.

No supermarket poultry in those days. I recall my mother buying chickens that were not eviscerated. She had to clean out the internal organs, and often found an egg, fully formed, and edible. She never had to chop the head off a chicken, although our neighbors who had chickens did it regularly.
Domestic Geese

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