Friday, June 26, 2015

Bio #19 - Socials and Dances

Mom and Dad belonged to the Moose Lodge and had a great time in the winter going to square dances. Dad played the violin, and Mom danced. At Christmas time it was very special. First there was a big Christmas dinner, Santa came and gave all the kids gifts, then there was a program for all, and when the last dish was done, back in the big, big kitchen (those ladies always worked so hard, it seems,) the square dancing started. It is the best kind of dancing I know.

When the kitchen was clear, all the tables in it were pushed together, and on top there were blankets, and the small babies were put here to sleep. Underneath the tables were put the bigger kids, maybe up to six or seven years old, to sleep when they got tired. Many a time I've slept there with the rest of our kids till the adults had finished dancing, then we were woken up and had to walk or were carried home. Those were the days, but we were tired.

Video of Square Dancing

Square dancing is less popular among younger generations, but for decades, it ruled the country and small town dance halls. The link takes you to a video showing a square dance (you have to wait for the ad, sorry about that.) There are many steps and movements, such as "circle left," "circle right," "do-si-do," "aleman left," and so on, and there is a caller, who tells them what to do and when to do it. The voice you hear is that of the caller. Typically there would be twenty or so squares of eight dancers in each. There are huge square dance conventions and competitions around Canada and the United States. I tried some square dancing in high school and loved it.

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